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Enterprise Mobility
Swipe, touch and Go is how Mobility has changed way of working for Enterprise. As mobility adoption across the enterprise continues at a rapid pace Mobility has unlocked doing business anytime anywhere. We at ServPRO help Enterprise adapt Mobility with consantlychanging Mobile Technology, as the change in Innovation and Technology in Mobility is faster than any other IT areas that requires Highly Skilled team. With BYOD adapting in Enterprise there is always need to Seamless integration across platforms. ServPRO has been providing Mobility solution on Platforms Sybase to SAP. IT organizations are trying to deal with unique Mobility challenges.
• There is an unprecedented rate of change across the ecosystem.
• Mobility has the potential to be applicable across the entire Organization.
• End-user expectations of delivery lifecycles are significantly different.
• There are implications for security. Solution to these challenges is to have a Platform for Implementation of Mobility. ServPRO has partnered with SAP for Mobile Platform Solution, SAP Mobile Platform provides seamless integration with Diverse Backend Systems delivering business value to Enterprise.

Mobile Enterprise provide customers with complete visibility to the Enterprise Data on any business mobile phone, which is always online and up to the minute updated. So you will have right data, at right time, at right place. Enterprise Mobility has wide applications like Management Approvals, Sales Force Automation, Field Force Automation, Last Mile data Capture (Shop Floor/Stores/Road/Secondary Sales). We offer comprehensive solutions that Speeds mobile application development includes a powerful 4GL tooling environment that speeds mobile application development. Integration with common IDEs, such as Visual Studio and Eclipse, enables developers to leverage existing tools and expertise. Supports heterogeneous mobile device types Provides the ability to design once and deploy to a range of mobile devices and operating systems, including Windows Mobile, Windows 32 (laptops/tablets), iPhone and RIM BlackBerry devices. Seamlessly extends back-end data to mobile devices Offers seamless integration with a variety of enterprise applications, including SAP and Remedy, or any other application that leverages databases or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA )/Web Services. Enforces enterprise-class security and mobility management Fully integrated with Afaria, Sybase's device management and security solution that provides a single administrative console to centrally manage, secure and deploy mobile data, applications and devices. Ensures your investment in mobility is future-proof Sybase Unwired Platform is an enterprise-class solution built on proven technologies from the leader in mobility. The flexible, open infrastructure allows you to strategically respond as the device types and data sources in the enterprise evolve.